"THE INSIDE is full of terrific writing and intrepid ideas.  You resist doling out easy explanations for complex problems and never rely so heavily on (your prodigious) cleverness that you sacrifice emotional and narrative substance. It was a rare joy to go through the book twice, piecing together clues that I interpreted one way the first time through and seeing how craftily you had misled me without ever telling a lie.  You’re a skilled storyteller and I think THE INSIDE is already a book that will interest publishers. "


 -Laurie Webb, editor and film executive

(With Sydney Pollack, and Damon Lindelof of LOST)



"Beautiful and strange and lovely and engrossing."


- Cori Stern, producer of Breaker High with Ryan Gosling



"Its a strong concept, that I think is very well realized, especially feeling as I've now lived through David's struggle. I liked your use of language and the turns of phrases."


-Andrew Ballerdi, London



"The Inside makes a forceful attempt to shatter the illusions carefully fashioned by today's 20-somethings and salvage what truth there is left in us.  Author Isaac Marion does not aim to feed our generation's sense of I-must-be-the-only-one-who-thinks-this-way-ness.  Instead, he shamelessly outs our painfully private, wide-eyed fears and, rather than telling us to put things into perspective, he shows us a way to merge and comprehend the two halves of ourselves; the half that stubbornly (hooray!) yearns and demands fulfillment of its purest heart's desires and the half that demands we take responsibility to pay the bills on time AND somehow manage to make our lives matter. "  


-Rachel Hoffman, Michigan





"This book is really, really good. I'm amazed at the lack of filler. Everything written is connected. It all warbles about in some crazy birdy tune to make the most amazing climax. "


-Joe S. Turn, Virginia



      "The Inside is an existential masterpiece on par with Fight Club. The Inside offers spectacular insight into the pains of one unable to obtain the life or person they truly desire. Proving that even on the brink of insanity human will, will prevail.
With his sharp wit and flowingly poetic penning [Isaac Marion] deserves a chance to enter the hallows of American literature."

-Chet Gasset, Texas


"Dude, its GREAT!"


- Banin Banin, Brazil








Even dogs like it!





















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